Monday, August 27, 2012

We've been rockin' it this summer.

Leopard at the Minnesota Zoo wanted to eat the baby.

Insert some "nest egg" joke here.

Colin enjoying the leaves.

Playing at Valley Fair.

You can tell he's the neglected second child - always in the stroller!

Tiny race cars are hard to look dignified in.

Getting ready to jump "higher than my bed!"

A particularly enjoyable planter at the Minnesota State Fair.
The stuffed bear Jared wanted to buy.

So, I like grey.  It was just a(n often occuring) coincidence that I wore grey stripes, the baby wore grey stripes, the carrier is grey, and my nail polish was grey.

Thursday, August 16, 2012


When Oliver was born, Jared and I spent a lot of time looking at Oliver. I think we were wondering what we should do with him. He was small and needy. Jared & I were just figuring out adult living skills like grocery shopping and bill paying and waking up before noon. We were slightly terrified.

During one of those moments of newborn baby-staring, Jared made a promise to Oliver. He said,

"We'll kick ass and go on adventures. Oliver and Daddy. I promise."

We haven't forgotten that.

That promise is ultimately why we decided to throw caution to the wind and board a plane for Australia with our two kids. We know that neither of them will remember this trip but we're setting a precedent for future adventures and ass kicking. If we can take this on and survive, then we can do just about anything, right?

Everyone we spoke to before the trip either hinted or said outright that we were crazy. Crazy to take our two babies on a 15+ hour flight. Crazy to spend that money on people who won't remember it. Crazy to face wicked jet-lag for a ten day vacation.

Maybe we were crazy. Maybe we are crazy.

But at least Colin & Oliver are going to grow up knowing that when an opportunity presents itself, you jump in and take it. The best things in life take a little bit of guts and agony.

Because if you're not kicking ass and going on adventures, then what is your life for?

Allow me to present to you in full photographic glory, Australia: Kicking Ass and Going on Adventures.
Hitting the beach hours after landing.

Learning to paddleboard.

Jared & I on Mount Tamborine.

Rainforest hikers.

Proof that we saw whales.

The most easterly point of Australia.

Jared celebrating at the Crystal Palace.

Family more or less looking in one direction.

Giant Buddha at Crystal Palace.
Colin in his baby limo.

Oliver petting a kangaroo at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary.

"So I says to the guy..."

"Do T-rex arms like the kangaroo!"

Feeding the wild lorikeets.

Jared overcoming his fear of birds.

Getting ready for our night hike to see the glow worm cave.

Colin feeding an emu.

Photo op on Mount Warning.

Sleeping on the long flight home.

Colin's accommodations on the flight were much nicer than the rest of ours, and he didn't even have a paid seat on the plane.

(As always, you can click on the photos to view them larger.)