Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Colin, the devious child.

I feel like I spend my entire day foiling Colin's plots.

Today I took a (five minute!) phone call in my bedroom and when I came back out I couldn't find Colin. He wasn't downstairs, he wasn't in his room, he wasn't in the bathroom. I started worrying that he opened the door and went outside, but then I saw his knee peeking up behind the couch cushion.

When I went to get a closer look, I found that he had stolen the remaining half-pan of Rice Krispies treats.  He hid behind the couch cushion, ate as much as he could manage, and he fell asleep with the remaining Rice Krispy chunk that defeated him.

I fear I will be completely defeated once third child shows up. There is no hope for me.

Monday, June 2, 2014

This afternoon in my garden.

I was having a hard time remembering the good things today, so I stepped outside and took a peek at my garden while the kids were napping.

The tomatoes survived the storms. The carrots' tops are are still reaching their fingers for sunshine. 

The pea plants are climbing higher, unfurling their blossoms while they go.

The beans, although only just sprouted, are reaching for the trellises. The tomatillos are standing tall, looking sturdy and healthy.

These onion scapes are multiplying, unfazed by the high winds.

Baby lemon peppers, who have already been earmarked for salsa, are taking advantage of today's sun.

It turned out that there is a lot of good happening today, I just had to notice it.