Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A new house, but not the last house.

We're sort of moved in. By that, I mean that we have a considerable amount of our junk in this new apartment and a less considerable amount of our junk in the old one. Most of our stuff is still in boxes. And our furniture is in no way arranged. But there's a frozen pizza in the freezer so what more do we need?

Oliver seems unfazed by the move. He enjoys weaving through the furniture jungle and sitting on the floor to watch the same (and only unpacked) DVD over and over again.

 Here is what he has had to say about our new (temporary) digs:

"Outside? Outside?"
"Okay, you can go outside on our deck."
"Duck? Quack."

While looking out hte window at the swamp across the parking lot, "Ducks! Geese! Trees! Flowers! YEAAAHHHHH!!!"

"Do you like your new room?"
"Yes, we brought your trains to your new room."

And, about 1 million times, he's said, "Grandma? Grandma? Outside to Grandma? Play? Come. Play."  The best feature about this place is that he can walk over to Grandma.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Wherein our child learns to lie.

Jared and I were getting ready to go run errands today. I walked out of the bathroom and found Oliver sitting on the dining table, up to his arm in a bag of Goldfish crackers. I looked at him, and he knew he was being naughty. He said to me,

"Go away!"

Realizing that I could at that point evoke no serious disciplinary tone, I said nothing and walked back to the bathroom.

"Go look at Oliver," I said to Jared.

Jared walked out with me and found the same scene on our table.

"Uh oh!" Oliver shouted at us cheerfully.  There was a momentary pause wherein he was weighing his options of what to do and say, and then he smiled at us. A coy smile. A knowing, manipulative smile.

".... I'm stuck? Yes. I'm stuck."

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

At the pool.

We're in the middle of finding a place to move and all so I've been neglecting my duties on my blog. I'm sorry. Be pacified with these images of the boy child taking a dip in our pool this week.

Walking to the pool. Cool. Confident. Calm.

Hey pretty lady, come here often?

Realizing how splashing gets your face wet.
"I will sit in your pool, woman, but I am very skeptical."

Dear Mom, I love you.
Dear Dad, Not so much.