Friday, October 11, 2013

When Grandma comes to town.

Last weekend Florida Grandma came to visit so it was one long party. We finished off our fall trifecta with the corn maze on Saturday.

Colin danced for Radio Disney and won a prize.

Things got interesting in the corn maze.

Colin enjoyed sitting on top of the straw bale maze but didn't actually want to go into it.

And, actually, he found the look-out bridge to be better than either maze.

But everybody knows the corn pit is the star of the show. A giant pit of corn is really all anyone could ask for.

We had to take the annual Christa/Oliver tractor photo, of course.

Colin checked out the new spider web attraction. Oliver climbed it better than anyone else.

We spent a little time at the petting zoo.

It was an awesome day and part of an awesome weekend. So awesome, in fact, that Oliver said this to me today, 5 days later:

"I just can't wait for Florida Grandama to come back, Mom. I already have 36 things planned out for us to do next time! She is such a good helper to me!"

So Florida Grandma, know that you're missed and we're glad that you came!