Friday, April 5, 2013


Spring has finally started showing up around our parts. We celebrated Easter in the traditional secular way with egg dyeing and candy and egg hunting and more candy. A certain family member consumed pieces of candy that were still wrapped in foil. I made my family's traditional lamb cake using the cast iron lamb mold passed down from my great grandmother. I had been carrying that heavy sucker around with me since I moved out, so you had better believe I use it.

Lamb cake of utmost traditional importance and mediocre taste.
Lamb cake's gruesome end.

Coloring eggs. Enthused Daddy. Embarrassed Oliver.
The finest yellow egg dyer in all the land.

Colin, inspecting the chocolate found inside his plastic egg.

Colin, in the moment that I realized he'd taken a bite out of the still-wrapped chocolate.

Colin, crying in the aftermath of taking the still-wrapped chocolate out of his mouth.

Colin, recovering from the injustice by finding another egg filled with chocolate that he could eat while still wrapped. (And he did.)

Colin enjoying a piece of the lamb cake.

Since then, nothing too exciting has been happening. We've been playing outside and enjoying living in our house with the windows open.

Oliver, pretending his fort was a submarine for unexplained reasons. He informed me as I was taking this photo that I was underwater and drowning.



More swinging.
Enjoy the fine weather, y'all.