Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Sorry I was gone so long! Holidays, a new baby being born, visitors... we've been busy!

My friend's baby was born completely healthy. This is Lily.

I was there when she was born, taking photos. I stayed over there for a few days to help out, and I'll probably be heading back that way again soon. But the strange thing? I thought I'd see this new pink baby and it'd make my ovaries ache for more. But it didn't. It just made me appreciate how much Oliver can do. I like that he sleeps (usually) all night long. I like that I can leave him in the care of others. I like that I don't have to carry him everywhere. I like that he can (sort of) tell me what he wants. It's nice that takes care of himself when I don't feel like watching him.

Jared's mom came to visit Oliver and have Thanksgiving dinner with us. We kept it low key and made a Honey Baked Ham. The ham was good and it was nice that we didn't have to travel and wrangle Oliver in a strange place. The following Saturday we visited with my brother and sister and parents. We played a lot of Kinect. It was fun! Haven't had fun at a family gathering for some time.

Other news... Hmm... We got a new TV stand that isn't a death threat to our baby. There was a huge ice storm that tried to kill us all on the way home from dinner one night. Some of our Christmas cards are trickling to our friends and family. I'm starting to paint our living room. Oliver is back to his 100% and he's been sleeping through the night and being his cheerful self.

But the big news? Oliver loves the snow. He loves to go outside. (After a half hour of putting on layers and coats and mittens and a hat.) We walk outside and he yells, "Brr!" Then he flounders around in the snow and pats it with his mittened flipper hands. It isn't like he can build snowmen or throw snowballs, but for some reason the snow delights him anyway.

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