Monday, April 11, 2011

Holy Bills.

This has been the ultimate week of bills. We pay our insurance yearly, and we've been here a year already so that whopper is due again. My eye exam is next week and I've got to pay for that. The rest of our normal utility bills all came this week. Several wedding vendors require another piece of the deposit this week. I just hate looking at bills. Even knowing I can pay them, I still hate them. But the worst part?

I nearly had a heart attack when I opened Saturday's mail. The envelope was all official and fancy looking so I opened it quickly and didn't bother to read the outside. Then it said, YOU OWE US $1,200. WE ARE A COLLECTION AGENCY, HEAR US ROAR.

Whoa. Intimidating.

Immediately I was like, umm... Did I steal a library book? Run a red light? Litter? I tried to think of every possible fineable offense I've had in my entire life and I really could not come up with anything. I guess that must mean my life is pretty boring.

After freaking out for 20 minutes or so, I reread the envelope. NOT my name on the envelope. Must have been the previous tenants. Hehe. Oops.

So the next time I ever get a fine for anything,  I'm going to freak out and think it's because I accidentally committed the federal offense of opening somebody else's mail today. Great.

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