Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Two children.

Colin is a month old. His favorite activities are still umm.. eating. Sleeping. Pooping. He sleeps through the night, 7 or so hours at a stretch. He's a social baby. He doesn't like it when no one is paying attention to him. He loves to stare at people's faces as they talk to him. He's even starting to make some  (non-crying) noises himself, sometimes.

His gross peely skin, greasy acne, cradle cap days are coming to an end. Unfortunately, things are deteriorating in the balding & receding hairline departments, but...  they make baby toupees, right?

The best part about him being a month old is that.. he can smile! He smiles mostly for me but also sometimes for Jared and Oliver. You can tell he's still working on it and that smiling must be pretty difficult because he has to screw up his whole face before the smile turns on. It's the littlest bit ridiculous.

He has the same love for his crib mobile that Oliver did when he was a baby. Colin smiles at the mobile without fail. Sometimes when I can't comfort him with holding and rocking and bouncing, the mobile is the only thing that works. And I'm okay with him choosing the mobile over me. Because you know what? I leave him in his crib and I can take a shower. Eat lunch. Make a phone call.

It's not a bad deal, being second favorite to the mobile.

Colin also really enjoys watching Oliver. It may have something to do with Oliver's constant noise and motion. What really surprises me, though, is that Oliver likes Colin too. Oliver likes to soothe him and asks to hold him and hug him. Oliver tries to help me dress and diaper Colin. Oliver is usually very patient when Colin cries. I expected some huge battle for attention, but aside from a few rough days, it's blessedly absent.


(For now. Today. At this second. For all I know, tomorrow I might walk in and find Oliver trying to smother the baby but I'll take what I can get.)

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  1. I like your mobile too! Can you send me a link to it?