Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Family Orchard Trip 2012

Last weekend was a nonstop funfest. We had our annual apple orchard visit, Oliver's birthday party, and TWO trips to Chuck E. Cheese. Oliver had a blast. I'm working on getting Oliver's birthday photos rounded up, but for now you can enjoy our annual orchard photos.

Colin keeping warm in the Baby Limo.

Say "Cheese" in a tree.

Fine specimen.

Another great find by Oliver.

A boy, a stick, and a dirt road.

Pre-picking inspection.

Oliver's photography skills.

Colin enjoying his favorite apple.

Sword fighting.

Just the right height to pick.

Oliver and trusty stick.

Oliver showing Colin his apple.

Colin and a pumpkin.

Annual Apple Orchard Cut-out Family Photo Op

Pony ride all by himself.

No fears, this year.
There's nothing that makes you feel more like a family than having annual traditions. See you next year,  Minnesota Harvest.

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