Sunday, January 20, 2013

No, my bathroom still isn't done.

I've been super angry at the bathroom "remodel" because for some reason the tiniest things are going wrong and then I need to go back and fix them times one million.

So, no, my bathroom isn't finished yet. Sooon, people. Soon. And then I will post pictures.

In the mean time, we have been hanging out at home because I am too angry to quit my projects and leave the house. Also, it's freezing outside. Enjoy some photos of my children while they sat at home and did nothing.

Excited to eat a cheese stick.

Enjoying bath time. ***

Still enjoying bath time after an accidental dunking.

Very intensely into video games with Daddy.

Very intensely into watching big brother play video games with Daddy.

Very intensely into ruining my clean laundry.

*** Dear Colin, I'm sorry you have such sticky-outie ears.

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