Sunday, September 29, 2013


As another piece of our fall tradition, we went pumpkin hunting. We found a little place in New Prague that was open this weekend, and after two and a half hours we found the best 4 pumpkins they had, I'm sure of it. The people were very nice, the prices were reasonable, and the place was beautiful. We might have to make it our annual pumpkin patch destination.

We made Colin pull the wagon.

He couldn't smile while pulling the wagon because it was intense work.

Eventually you have to rest, but the convenient thing about a wagon is that you can rest inside of it.

Jared, showcasing Colin's perfect pumpkin.

Colin after he dropped his perfect pumpkin.

Oliver in a stick house.

The closest thing to Oliver and Colin enjoying the same thing at the same time.

Pumpkin Teepee.

Oliver and Aunt Christa.
 There were ears of corn and a bucket to shell corn into, which was surprisingly entertaining for everybody.

Colin shelling corn.

Oliver shelling corn.

Colin running away with the corn before we could shell it.

Colin making the two person ride into a one person ride.
They had stilts for people to try out. After being taught a secret trick, we were pretty good. I let Jared win our stilt race, though.

Stilt master Jared.

Stilt student Colin.
We have our apples. We found our pumpkins. Now all that's left to complete our fall tradition trifecta is the corn maze.

Aren't we wild and crazy?

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