Wednesday, July 2, 2014

July in the garden.

I've spent my whole life thinking I don't like blueberries. Today, curiosity got the better of me while I was sitting on the deck and I ate one of the first ripe berries from our new bushes. To my surprise, it was amazing. I picked and ate all of the remaining ripe ones. I guess I've never had a good blueberry before now. I might even have to buy more bushes.

With July officially here, the garden is growing well. I'm so glad that we put my beds in this year, because I don't know how I would be sane if I didn't have this little naptime diversion each day.

A little snack of peas for Jared's lunch and a sampling of hot peppers for his co-worker.
Cherry tomatoes getting ready to start changing colors.

My new raised beds as seen from above. Beans, onions, lettuce, tomatillos, tomatoes, cucumbers, hot peppers, carrots, and melons.

'Northcountry' blueberries gearing up for end of July harvest.

'Jelly Bean' blueberries starting to ripen right now.

'Marianna's Peace' tomato, on its way to becoming a 2 lb giant.

One of hundreds of tomatillo blossoms being pollinated by a little bug friend.

Lettuce waiting to be thinned.

Pole beans twisting to the top of their trellis.

Future cucumber pickle in the making.

A glut of what I thought were supposed to be lemon peppers, but they appear to be turning red. Surprise!

Onion scapes hanging out.

We have the contractors coming to our house tomorrow to (hopefully!) continue work on our project and get things sorted out. I'm kind of worried about that. I just want things to be done and to be done nicely.

But at least my garden looks good, right?

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