Friday, August 22, 2014

One last baby.

The last member of our family decided to show up last Wednesday. This is William.

At 8 pounds and 12.6 ounces, he is by far the smallest of our boys. He decided to come out without an induction, and he was kind enough to be born in one contraction. He's a pretty considerate guy.

Oliver and Colin got to see him a couple hours after he was born. They both seemed to like him alright.

Since then, we've just been hanging out at the hospital watching mediocre home remodeling shows on TV.

After being admitted to the hospital, we finally figured out a name. His full name is William Sterling.

Does he look like a Will? A Bill? Who knows. Certainly not us.

We're waiting for some bilirubin test results before we can leave the hospital and head back home. So far, so good.

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