Thursday, June 11, 2015


Summer is officially here. With Jared done with classes and the boys out of school, we've been partying it up.

After nine months of terrible sleep, I decided to do sleep training with William. I didn't want to do it, but it was to the point where he was waking up at least four times a night. I was exhausted.

After a couple of nights of "training" which involved going in to "soothe" him on a schedule of five, ten, or fifteen minutes... 

He sleeps. 

For twelve hours straight. And I have finally caught up on my sleep and I am feeling so much better. My house is (slightly) cleaner. I've been nicer. I'm almost back to the point where I have dinner on the table every night and the laundry caught up.

I had NO idea I was so tired until suddenly I wasn't tired anymore.

But anyway. We've been busy with our summertime stuff.

Helping to unload the dishwasher.

Enjoying lasagna night.

Up for adventure on a nature walk.

Nature experts.

Perfect picnic place.

PB&J just like the big boys.

Taking a rest on our strenuous hike.

The correct way to drink from a water fountain.

Twins game.

Traditional Twins Game Selfie.

Playing after swimming lessons.

First time in a pool.

Stealth photo of Oliver.

Colin being a good sport about being dunked.

Pride in eating corn like the rest of us.
Hive is coming along nicely.

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