Monday, February 21, 2011


I really hate food right now. Stupid healthy food ruins my shopping lists and destroys my schedules. I'm not going to complain about healthy food being more expensive, because.. well.. if that's your priority then you just gotta pay for it and save money somewhere else. I can understand that, and I can deal with that.

But the time? I can't make up for the time. And when I'm hungry, it's hard to wait.

Fruits soupify and mold on the counter if I look at them the wrong way. Veggies wilt and decay in my fridge at the drop of a hat.  Canned stuff is 1.) gross and 2.) usually packed in syrup or loaded with salt anyway. Frozen stuff is alright if you're going to cook it or throw it into a recipe. But if I want fresh produce, it means I have to grocery shop a lot more often. And let's face it, grocery shopping, for as much as I love it, is a HUGE chore with Oliver. And living in Minnesota? That doesn't help matters, either, when the winter seasonal choices are severely lacking.

Making dinners from scratch with whole ingredients takes twice as long and makes twice as many dishes to do afterwards.  The things that frequently make dinners taste good are the things that I'm not supposed to eat much of, anyway. And there is definitely nothing worse than striking out on a new dish after putting so much money and effort into it. Arghkalkhee.

My biggest problems are during the day when I'm here with Oliver. He doesn't let me work much in the kitchen. I want things that are quick, and hopefully easy to share with him.  I desperately need more veggies and fiber, but I don't like raw vegetables unless I can cover them in cheese or some sort of dressing. I can manage to get a serving or two of veggies into dinner usually, but that doesn't go far enough towards my recommended amount.

Like everyone else in the world, I like carbs a lot. Just because my pasta and bread is whole grain, doesn't mean I can eat it all the time. I love milk more than I should and I have to stop myself from having 4 or more glasses a day. After eating a good meal, I ALWAYS want something sweet for dessert regardless of whether I am hungry or not. There are a million ways I could fail but only one way to succeed: will power. I need a lot more of it. 

Working out is easy. Eating well to support the work outs is hard. And, no matter how hard I work, if I'm not eating well I'm just wasting my time.

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