Wednesday, July 13, 2011

At the pool.

We're in the middle of finding a place to move and all so I've been neglecting my duties on my blog. I'm sorry. Be pacified with these images of the boy child taking a dip in our pool this week.

Walking to the pool. Cool. Confident. Calm.

Hey pretty lady, come here often?

Realizing how splashing gets your face wet.
"I will sit in your pool, woman, but I am very skeptical."

Dear Mom, I love you.
Dear Dad, Not so much.


  1. Wow! Weddinged and pooling! You have a lot of stuff going on!

    Thanks for commenting on my blog at Ironic Mom's today. Yes, I am the one with Monkey. The kid who cyber-sliced the head off his virtual-wolf.

    I am glad to see you are enjoying your summer.

    And your page reminds me, I REALLY need a better header. Mine just sucks.

    Hope to hear from you again!