Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Wherein our child learns to lie.

Jared and I were getting ready to go run errands today. I walked out of the bathroom and found Oliver sitting on the dining table, up to his arm in a bag of Goldfish crackers. I looked at him, and he knew he was being naughty. He said to me,

"Go away!"

Realizing that I could at that point evoke no serious disciplinary tone, I said nothing and walked back to the bathroom.

"Go look at Oliver," I said to Jared.

Jared walked out with me and found the same scene on our table.

"Uh oh!" Oliver shouted at us cheerfully.  There was a momentary pause wherein he was weighing his options of what to do and say, and then he smiled at us. A coy smile. A knowing, manipulative smile.

".... I'm stuck? Yes. I'm stuck."

1 comment:

  1. Your child is what Eddie Izzard would refer to as a "cheeky monkey." He's a cute little devil, but...well...still a little devil, it seems. :D