Tuesday, August 9, 2011


It's not even 8:00am as I write this and I'm already wishing for nap time.  Yesterday I bent sideways to pull Oliver up onto my lap and pulled something in my back. Now it hurts if I reach the wrong way, and I can't pick up Oliver. It's good that we switched him into the big boy bed because now he can climb in himself. Ive been changing him and eating with him on the floor so I don't have to lift him. It's kind of pathetic.

Then, in a move I knew was stupid, I watched Jared's show right before going to bed and it gave me terrible nightmares coupled with fun back pain. I must have been up 6-7 times last night.

Oliver decided he had to get up at 6:00am. Jared and I both were too tired to fight making him go back to bed so we put Toy Story 3 on the laptop between us in bed. He watched while we slept.

Only 8.5 more hours until Jared comes home.

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