Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Who's placing bets on when this kid breaks his first bone?

Colin doesn't talk yet. He doesn't even try.

He's more of an Incredible Hulk kind of child in that he's all good  and fine until something is not fine and then suddenly he is SUPER RAGING ANGRY AND HE IS GOING TO SMASH THINGS. Words are beneath him because he is too busy trying to break things. And by "things" I mean "body parts."

Tonight I tired to tire the kids out before bedtime by playing outside. We were only in the backyard for 45 minutes, yet Colin managed to:

1. Run to the farthest corner of our yard and sit in a giant puddle as soon as I set him down.
2. Find a big stick. Run with it in his mouth.
3. Crawl inside a prickly pine tree.
4. Throw a rock into the air such that it comes falling down on his head.
5. Climb into and fall out of a swing. On his head.
6. Climb up the ladder onto the swingset platform.
7. Slide down the giant-for-a-baby sized slide by himself.
8. Slide down the giant-for-a-baby sized slide by himself. Backwards.
9. Get kicked in the head by Oliver's swinging feet.

And the thing is, you'd think he would be upset by these things. But, no. Not my kid. He lives for the danger.

Farthest section of our yard which features a natural marshland.

Colin's swinging face.

No fear at all at the edge of the jungle gym.

No fear of the large slide.

Contemplating what he can do while I can't reach him.

Climbing the ladder because he saw big brother doing it.

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