Monday, March 22, 2010

Getting mail is always fun.

I'm back home from my trip to DC. I got a package in the mail today, yay! It was full of cute clothes for Oliver to wear. I was going to put him in an outfit and take a picture this morning, but he decided he would rather take a nap instead. This morning has been baby hygiene day.

I clipped his nails. (Mostly. I still suck at it and I'm terrified ever since I gave him a nasty hangnail.) I combed his hair. I put on baby lotion. And then I brushed his teeth.

I know it is good to brush a baby's teeth but... I feel ridiculous. Brushing two teeth. Two! The only time I've felt dumber was when I brushed my dogs' teeth in an attempt to give them fresh smelling breath. Oliver thinks I'm stupid for doing it, too. He gives me pitying looks before biting at my fingers. (Just like the dogs did.) Maybe if I got that chicken flavoured toothpaste again...

This afternoon I am getting my two remaining wisdom teeth out. I'm not looking forward to it, but I feel pretty well prepared. Yesterday I stocked up on easy to make food options. I bought premade formula just in case I can't/don't want to feed Oliver. I've researched the medicines that I can and cannot breastfeed with. I'm set, but I don't really want to go. I'm hoping that getting my teeth pulled will stop this ear/jaw ache I've been getting lately.

I can't think of anything terribly exciting to post, but I thought I'd update y'all anyway because it has been a while. The 34 hours in the car to DC with a 6 month old baby went pretty well. The bathroom ceiling was leaking again before we left and the landlord fixed it while we were gone. He left a mess again that I had to clean up, again. Even though we specifically asked him to clean up after himself, and he said that he would.  I would recommend the Hoover Platinum Stick Vacuum to anyone who wants a small but powerful cordless vacuum. I've used it about 900 times since I've been back. The snow is gone here now. There is a woodchuck living under our front steps. Oliver sits completely unassisted for long stretches of time. Oliver got a face rash for a couple of days but it seems to be going away now. We're getting family photos taken together on the tenth.

OH YEAH. I just remembered a semi-redeeming story.

A few days ago, I was at Target with Oliver. I was reading the labels on some food when I hear Oliver start to laugh spontaneously. I look up, and I see that there is a man halfway down the aisle waiving his shiny metal hook hand at Oliver. Oliver likes hook hands. He laughs. A lot. I smile at the nice man, who explains that babies love hook hands. I think that is weird, but he is nice and did not try to touch my baby so he is on my good list.

The end.

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