Thursday, March 25, 2010

I have a new mouth hole.

Yesterday I got another one of my wisdom teeth out. It didn't hurt so much at first but after I was home maybe 6 hours later I changed my mind about wanting to bring out the hard core artillery. I think I slept 18 hours, getting up sometimes to feed the baby that lives here.

Today I'm still pretty sore on that side of my face but I wanted to get up and do things anyway. Oliver decided he wanted to get up and punch me on my wisdom tooth hole. Another case of me crying, him laughing. Sadistic, sadistic child.

After his morning nap we went for another walk to enjoy the sunny weather. We have nice areas to walk in, but they're pretty hilly and it gets tiring quick. Walking up the hills makes my calves weep for mercy, but walking down the hills isn't any easier. I sort of ahve to lean back and hold on tight to the stroller to stop it from rolling away. It's tough work, but I guess that is what makes it good exercise. The neighborhood is an old one and it has a lot of character that makes for interesting scenery. The sidewalks are cracked and buckled from all of the old trees roots, but I think Oliver likes the bumps.

Anyway, I must really have gotten my blood pumping because the next thing I know my wisdom tooth hole is bleeding a lot and I somehow managed to drool it onto my chin when I looked down. Only me, Right?

So, on account of bleeding out of my face and all, I decided to go home and lo and behold every single person who lives in that neighborhood had to come out for a walk at that exact moment. Yes, I am that person. The crazy woman bleeding out of her mouth, pushing her baby in a stroller. I'm almost too embarrassed to go walking there again tomorrow, but to maintain some semblance of physical exercise... I must.

Oliver has a doctor's appointment this afternoon for his 6 month check up. I was going to walk to it, but after this morning's walk I think I'll just drive.

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