Sunday, July 18, 2010

A day in our life.

Yesterday I wanted to check out the UMN Arboretum to see if it'd be a good place to have our wedding. So, we went.

My older sister came along with us and we made an afternoon of it. The weather was really crappy. At one point we had to go inside during tornado sirens, but the gardens were wonderful.

There was a weird stick house/sculpture that we took shelter from the rain in.

We went through a hedge maze, and sent Oliver crawling through this tunnel tube.

Then we all climbed through this tunnel tube.

After the hedge maze, we checked out the ornamental grasses. Oliver found this sedge in particular to be stunning.

And since one can only look at so much sedge, he took hung out in this pampas grouping for a bit of a rest.

After so many ornamental grasses, we were all tired and hungry so we went home, where a giant storm was also a-brewing.  I dug into the depths of my freezer o' plenty, pulled out the makings for a nice homemade meal, and threw them into the oven.

Funnel clouds were sighted at an intersection less than a mile away, so we decided we should get small boy out of bed and head downstairs. We listened to the radio in the car in our underground lot for five minutes until the storm was past us. My ficus was blown over and the trees were missing leaves and small branches, but when we came up we were just in time to pull this out of the oven:

It may not look fancy, but it tasted great. We put Oliver back in bed, put on our Netflix horror movie, and sat with the blinds open to watch the lightning.

What a good day.

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