Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I'm behind.

I'm a little behind.  Enjoy this adorable father-baby bonding photo to sooth your raging anger.

Two trips need to be written about, but the day we got back I was busy at doggie hospital and then my BFF came to stay with us for a while so... We've been too busy for you. Sorry.

Don't worry, nothing ground breaking has happened. We've just been hanging out.

Oliver has been having more accidents lately, due to a combination of our clumsiness and his inability to grasp the concept of gravity. He doesn't cry often, though. We do our best to ignore his minor falls so that he doesn't see us freak out. (If somebdoy does freak out, or even asks if he's okay... He will bawl. Even though he is unsure why.)

 Ignoring the falls works well, however I am concerned that he may grow to think that the correct response to somebody falling is:

"Uh Oh! How'd that happen?!"

followed by dancing mania and extreme giggles.

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