Tuesday, September 22, 2009

In the hospital.

Okay... So.. I'm in the hospital stuck for a long time it seems. They didn't seem too optimistic that he'll come out today. But also I am highly uncomfortable. I've been getting contractions but..... You know.

The creepiest thing is that I can hear a lady screaming. Like... really screaming her head off. Its unnerving. Its freaking me out. I was trying to watch stupid Animal Police or osmething but all I can hear is "OWWW OWW oW!" and loud full on screams.

I was sitting here for a couple hours before they even did anything. It sucks here.

Here is the run down of what they're doing:

1. Cervidil. Its uncomfortable. "Vaginal Insert" would be better described as "Sandpaper ribbons that are pushed up inside you." Its supposed to soften my cervix and relax my muscles but it also might give me contractions and make him come out. So far, nothing really. It does mean that I have to be on the monitors and I can't move. Plus this is a breakaway bed so there is a big line going under my butt and my feet stick off the end because I am too tall. yuck.

2. After the 6, 12, or 24 hours of the cervidil working, they'd start me on pitocin. Which can take a few hours to work. That is the part that gives me horrible pain. I don't want that part. I want to go home.

---I wrote that part at about noon. Still nothing going on, except that my contractions hurt but are doing nothing. They'll check me again at 11:30, then probably put another cervidil in which dcould be another 12 hours. That is the nurses' guess. The pitocin takes a long itme too so you all need to RELAX because he's not coming out anytime soon.

How many times have you heard me say that?

Anyway... I don't know what I want as far as visitors tomorrow because if the nurses are right he won't be out until tomorrow evening or possibly even Thursday. So I'll sit here on this crappy crappy bed (I can feel the bars underneath the mattress) until they come in at 11;30 to check me and drug me to sleep.

Maybe more later, maybe not. To be honest, the blog isn't my first priority as you may be shocked to hear right now.

PS if you want to call, you're welcome to see if I want visitors. Call Fairview Riverside's birth center and ask them for my number. They'll put you through. Otherwise you can call Jared's cell because I think mine is on silent. I might remedy that after I've gotten some sleep so you could try my phone too maybe.

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