Tuesday, June 29, 2010

She wasn't kidding.

Sometimes I look at people, and I think... You're kidding me, right?

They aren't. They never are.

And I should have learned that by now, but I haven't.

Which may explain why I laughed when the next door neighbor warned me. That is, when she warned me that my 9 month old son could, you know, see up my skirt from his vantage point on the floor. It may also explain that abjectly horrified face she made in response to my laughter.

Whoa there! Thanks for the reality check lady. I still take baths with my kid, but you're right. If he looks up my skirt one more time that just might make him into some sort of perverted social pariah. One minute he's looking up my skirt, and the next minute he'll be putting mirrors on his shoes to sneak a peak at those other hot moms in Gymboree. Then I'll blink again, and he'll be arrested after being spotted half naked in the bushes outside of people's houses.

Guess you've got to catch them early, huh?


  1. God forbid! Lol, that's too funny, I would never even think about something like that!

    P.S. I'm have a MN/WI blog get together on August 22nd. If you're interested, feel free to stop by my blog and/or drop me an email!

  2. We love your blogs. When is this wedding happening?

  3. We're shooting for June 2011.