Friday, August 6, 2010

Bonus Post! Bouquet sneak peek.

Several people have asked me about my button bouquet, and even when I've tried to explained they still don't get it. So, maybe these photos will help.

These are my raw materials. I spent one whole day sorting through buttons to find these. A woman from craigslist was kind enough to give all of these vintage buttons to me. They were her late grandmother's; I hope my bouquet will make her proud.

Here are 80 stems of button "flowers" that I twisted together with florists' wire. The pictures make the buttons look more orange than they really are. Once I make enough stems, they will all be individually wired to a sturdier, longer stem and fashioned into a traditional bouquet shape.

I still need buttons. If you have any buttons you would like to donate, leave a comment or email me! I will send you an addressed, postage paid envelope if you need it. I'd love to include buttons that are special to you, so even if you have just a few I'd really appreciate them!

Thanks in advance to everyone who will contribute to making my wedding special!

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