Wednesday, August 11, 2010

People out there...

FYI, if you people out there on the internet machine are looking to buy Oliver a birthday present, he needs/wants:

-Oliver sized silverware (plasticware?)
-Oliver sized plates and cups (not spill proof)
-Jammies, size 18 & 24 months
-Robeez or similar soft soled shoes/moccasins, size 5.
-Toys that incorporate some of his favorite features:
doors that open/close, 
little plastic animals/people to eat and throw, 
buttons to push, 
keys to turn, 
obnoxious music to bounce to
(He would probably love something like these classics: Little People Animal Sounds Farm or  Busy Poppin' Pals but really, a lot of toys would do.)
-Pop up or lift the flap books without too many words
-Crib mattress sheets (He's sent several sheets to an early grave after repeated poopings and washings)
-Coat (How adorable is this one!? But it doesn't have to be that exact one.)
-A frostie from Wendy's.
-Electrical cords
-Airline tickets to any destination
-Good sized rocks
-Any Stihl chainsaw with a decent horsepower
-A kitten

Of course, if you aren't looking to buy him a present, disregard this! All are welcome at his party regardless of their present bearing status! Also, feel free to shop garage sales and your older child's closet for him. He doesn't know the difference and I can appreciate a savvy shopper! :)

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