Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas Lists cont'd

Okay... Christmas lists continued. You guys are hounds.

1. a nice knife. Wustof makes AWESOME knives but they are expensive. I would be so happy with just one. A serrated one probably.
2. An address book. I can't keep saving all of the envelopes I get from people so I'll have to start my own book.
3. Dry shampoo. A stylist reccomended dry shampoo to me once. I am intrigued by this idea. It sprays in and brushes out, cleaning your greasy hair when you don't want to shower/can't. She said Klorane and Algemarin are good brands, but I've not seen it anywhere around here.
4. Baby photo album. I've been meaning to get one, but I just haven't.
5. iTunes gift cards. Music! Games! Movies! Oh my.
6. Ankle socks with a nice elastic knit. I get angry when socks lose their elasticity and bunch up in my shoes. Just plain white socks. :) My FAVORITE EVER socks have either a "P" or a "D" on the toe, depending on which direction you look at them. Does anyone know what brand this is and where I can by more?
7. Most of y'all won't want to buy me underwear but I mean... really. I need underwear. The dryer murdered my two favorites and I am still mourning their loss. You could get me a giftcard to VS.
8. Nursing tops. Size L or XL. People are getting tired of looking at my bestretchmarked stomach and/or saggy boobs.
9. So... I am embarrassed to admit that I have always wanted a Chia pet but my mommy wouldn't get me one. I still want it. I saw it in the store and was like CHIA PET! I never got one as a child so I NEED ONE NOW. You may judge me behind my back, if you like.
10. A pony.
11. Wall calendar. I can't keep track of all my crazy life anymore.
12. Gift Certificates to The Wellness Center. Massages... relaxing.

1. PS3 game Demon Souls
2. LSAT study books, Powerscore brand.
3. Pens, PilotV5 in multicolours (He takes colour coded notes. Crazy.)
4 . PSN or Xbox Live points to download their virtual games. I think they're like giftcards and you can buy them at Walmart or Target or whatever.
5. I'll make him add more later but he just left for class.

1. Coasters
2. Brita water filter fridge reservoir. (Blame Jared for breaking ours. We have no water now and it is his fault.)
3. Dr. Brown's dishwasher basket. It fits all the parts of his crazy bottles really well and takes up much less space in the dishwasher. Its inexpensive but I haven't been able to find it in stores. Had to order it online and pay for shipping.
4. iPod dock speakers. Baby likes to flail his arms to music. Jared likes to study to music. I like to clean to music. Everybody wins.
5. Netflix subscription.

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