Wednesday, December 2, 2009

They shot my baby.

O got his 2 month shots today. It was entertaining in sort of a sadistic and cruel way. The way he went from calm and happy to suddenly bright red and screaming was comical. I have never heard him scream that way before. Ever. So at least that means we're doing something right to have never made him cry that way. I told him his next shots are in two months - which is 100% of his lifetime thus far so it probably seems like forever until he has to get jabbed again.

He came home and slept for a few hours. Since he was so quiet, I figured he'd forgiven the world for its cruelties, but it turns out he was exacting his revenge. He pooped. SO MUCH. He pooped on my pants. On my shirt. Through my blanket and onto my sheets. On his Boppy pillow. Also on 66.66% of his sleepers.

How did he do this? Well, the one he was wearing was pooped through. Then I went to put his new one and and didn't realize he had poop all up his back and it got his new sleeper poopy too. So I guess we need more than 3 sleepers.

He also had fun getting his hand stuck inside of a rattle. At least, I thought it was stuck. It was around his wrist for hours until I realized I could get it off if I just turned it the right way. It was like one of those mind bender puzzles where it looks impossible to separate the two nails, but really the solution is quite simple once you see it.

So I greased my baby up for nothing. Oops.

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