Monday, December 7, 2009

Its Christmastime in the city.

I've been doing some Christmas stuff lately and I have to admit I might actually be looking forward to Christmas this year. Usually I'm sort of the grinch. I don't get into Holidays much. I got into school break, but not into Christmas.

But now that Oliver is here I am sort of excited. He gets presents! He will get toys. And even though he is too young to really care that much, he is going to think Christmas is awesome. It makes it easier for me to get excited.

I've been working on Christmas stuff for a while. I've been doing my own cards and it takes time, so I started wayyy back in November. Thanks for the reminder, Martha Stewart.

We have our own baby Christmas tree. It is actually a live potted fir with little bows and ornaments on it, but I call it a Christmas tree. Yesterday we picked out a Christmas tree for my sister's house and put lights on it. Today I am sending out the first of my finished cards, so a lucky few of you can expect cards in the mail. I'm trying to make as many handmade cards as I can, but if I can't make one for you ... well .. my apologies. I can only do so much.

Also.. to whomever purchased the blue footed sleeper with the stegosaurus on it: Thanks. It rocks because: 1. It has elastic in the feet so his feet actually stay in the bottom instead of up in the legs/stomach of the outfit and 2. it has an easy zipper and 3. it is super soft. I tried to find more like it but I couldn't. Closest I came were the Gerber blanket sleepers but they're not as warm and also the feet elastic isn't as great. So! Thanks for the dino sleeper. He likes it. I like it. Its a winner.

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