Thursday, September 22, 2011

Birthday Specialness

I've been building Oliver up for his party for weeks now. I want him to be excited to celebrate a day that is just his. I want him to know he is special and even though I try to show him every day, Saturday can be a day to go over the top. We can play trains and dance to music and he can have chocolate milk by the sippycupful.

We won't be celebrating very many holidays with him, so why not do birthdays big? I don't mean big as in expensive big, because presents aren't what he really needs. I mean big as in, this is a big deal! You are a big deal! I wouldn't miss this for the world! Today everyone will tell you how awesome you are and how happy we are that you're here!

He's been asking for cake and french fries for days now. The anticipation is about as great as it can be in a 2 year old with a next to nothing concept of time. We talk about how we're going to visit the zoo. How he can open presents and they will be his to keep. He knows people will call him so he can talk on the phone.

For at least a month we've been practicing the answer to, "How old will you be?" On Saturday I'm confident he will shout "I am two!"

I just can't wait to give him a day that is all happiness, even if he won't remember it. I want to see how excited he gets when he comes out of his room and there are streamers and presents and cake waiting for him. He brings so much happiness into other people's lives that you'd be crazy to say he doesn't deserve it. This kid deserves a million birthday days.

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