Tuesday, September 6, 2011

If you hear Oliver yell, "Watch out!" you'd better duck.

Today is one of those days where I've been dragging to do nothing. Oliver, being the understanding child he is, decided that he would entertain himself this morning and put all of our clean silverware into the dishwasher. Then he closed it, turned it on, and came to me yelling "I DID IT!"

I said thanks and let it run, not wanting to get into the argument that would ensue if I told him he wasn't actually helping.

"Treat? A treat?"

He wanted a treat for "helping" me out. I said fine, you can have one cookie.

"Ok. Uh huh. Four cookies!"
"No. Just one cookie."
"Big cookie!"
"They're all the same size."
"No, BIGGGG cookie."

I handed him an Oreo from my personal secret stash and he said, "Oh, GREAT!" and ran off to eat it. Five minutes later he came back demanding more cookies. I said no. He yelled "YESSSS!!!" at the top of his lungs 5 inches from my face. He yelled so long and so loud that his face was red and his whole body was shaking with exertion. I tried to ignore him but really, that's pretty funny. I turned on the computer and told him I was busy.

He asked for a cup of water 5 minutes later, so I gave him one and he was appeased.  I went back to reading an article but was interrupted when I heard Oliver yell,

"Watch out, Mom!"

He threw the cup of water onto me and ran away laughing.

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