Thursday, September 22, 2011

A wheel.

I was assembling Oliver's birthday gift (a balance bike) while he taking a nap. I heard him climbing out of bed and quickly threw a blanket over my progress, realizing only after Oliver made it to the living room that there was a wheel 5 feet away in the middle of the carpet.

Oliver immediately noticed it.

"Oh, Mom! A wheel! A wheel! A wheel!"
"Yes, it;s a wheel. I wonder where it came from. You need to go take your nap, now."
"Okay. Bed. Wheel."

He wanted to take the wheel to bed with him so he could play with it. I didn't know what to say so I said some sort of version of the truth.

"No, that wheel is for your birthday! You can't have it until you are 2. I'll get you water instead."

So now I put him back to bed thinking he's going to get a wheel for his birthday tomorrow. And you know what? I think he's probably satisfied with that gift.

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