Friday, September 2, 2011

Exciting day.

When I woke up today I heard the construction people working outside our apartment and put my pillow over my head. Then I thought about it... Great! Construction! Oliver will have something to do today.

Without exaggeration, Oliver has been standing at the window watching the backhoe yelling, "Hi Scoops! Hi! WOWWW!" for an entire hour.

I took that as my chance to get some things done around the house, and it's gone pretty well. I came back to check on Oliver and see the progress of the pipe-laying to find that the senior neighbors are just as interested as Oliver. They're sitting out in the scooters or lawn chairs watching the action too. Those construction workers must feel like heroes.

This week we received word that HUD accepted an offer we put on a house. So, assuming we get a clear inspection back, we'll have a new house within 45 days. I asked Oliver if he wanted to move into the house and he said, "No, Grandma's!"

So.. that's where Oliver stands on the issue.  I think he'll like the house though, anyway.

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