Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Since we've been having all of this nice 70 degree weather, I decided to go out and clean all the dead leaves off of my hostas. (Gag. Stupid hostas. But they're there. So I'll pretend to love them. But they will always have this feeling deep inside that they're not the favorite child. That's just how life is.)

I pulled off two garbage bags full of dead leaves and junk. It really wasn't that hard of a chore but I'm tired out now. My shoulders and butt hurt. I still have 5 plants left to uncover, but they were in the shade and there is still a layer of ice under the dead leaves.

Oliver played around the yard and driveway with his bike until some older kids came rollerblading down the street. An eleven year old girl shouted to me, "You guys must be new! I know all of the dogs in this neighborhood and I don't know that dog. What is her name?"

So we talked about our dog for a while. Then she gave me the run down of what houses in the neighborhood have dogs, children, or both. Also, there is apparently a "gang" in this neighborhood filled with some mean boys that one time threw a rock at her dog. She told me that there was another park down the path that I didn't know about. There is also a stand of trees and some sort of stream/waterfall thing. Oliver and I are going to go exploring tomorrow and see what we can find. Assuming, that is, that I can walk that far and my crotch isn't shattering into a thousand tiny bone shards tomorrow.

The best part of the day for Oliver was when the girl's little sister came out to our yard. She is three, but she seemed much older than Oliver. She was much better at talking and general gracefulness.

"HI, GIRL! THIS MY DOG MYA. THIS MY BIKE. THAT'S MY MOM!" he shouted while falling off of his bike in enthusiasm.

Oliver is very enthusiastic in all of his greetings. He is dying for a friend. While we were at the park yesterday he spent a good 6 minutes yelling, "HI, KIDS! HI, KIDS!" to some 7-8 year olds who just ignored him completely and splashed in the big puddles.

Today, at least, this little girl talked to him and seemed very nice. Oliver was over the moon.

"YOU MY FRIEND! Do you like my car? You can play my car. You can pet Mya. You like my new shoes?"

After petting Mya and talking in our yard for half an hour or so, the kids' mom came over to collect them and bring them home. Oliver was very sad that they were leaving. He gave the little girl a hug and said, "I WILL MISS YOU SO MUCH."

So, Oliver might be a little desperate, but at least he's willing to put himself out there.

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