Friday, March 9, 2012

It had nothing to do with my rectum.

They asked me if I minded a student coming in to watch my appointment. I didn't.

"She has a great example of diastasis recti."

Umm... Come again? Say what? WHAT ARE YOU SAYING ABOUT MY RECTUM?!

"See how her uterus is bulging out there between the abdominal muscles? That's all that means."


 "It's harmless but uncomfortable and not the best cosmetically..."

Great. I have a prime example of a big, bulging uterus and lame-O stomach muscles that look ugly as hell. Wonderful. So glad I could share with the class.

In other news, I worked more on my pre-baby shopping and errand checklists. There is a lot of stuff on those lists. And all of it is boring stuff. I thought I had made a pretty good list of our needs until realized I was missing a key item: diapers. Oops. Better get on that.

So much junk to buy, so much money to spend, and none of it is anything fun. Plus, in less than four weeks, I'm full term. Yee haw.

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