Thursday, March 22, 2012

This is why people do spring cleaning.

Sometimes things happen and you want to hit yourself on the face and say, "Why didn't I think of this before?"

Like when I realized yesterday that Oliver's  car seat is approved for up to 50 pounds and  he may very well be 50 pounds. Or that time when I made Oliver walk around the mall in shoes 2.5 sizes too small. Or the time last week when I realized that the brown ice cream he pointed to at the ice cream shop isn't chocolate but coffee flavored. 

Sometimes things are obvious and you have no excuse other than stupidity for not realizing them. Other times, these realizations would only come to crazy people because situations just get too weird. These weird situations happen a lot around here.


Lately I've been very short on toddler sized spoons and forks. I always thought they must be dirty in the sink or waiting to be unloaded from the dishwasher. Those are the sensible, normal things that would happen to spoons and forks.

I should have been smarter than that. How many times have I unloaded the dishwasher and been completely caught up on dishes and realized that we still only had a couple of forks in the drawer? Many times. It never occurred to me that these spoons and forks could be anywhere else. It definitely didn't occur to me that I should start looking in every odd corner of the house for them.

After all, who would want to take toddler utensils and use them for anything other than eating?

Oliver. That's who. Either Oliver or some ghosts with really tiny hands that just happen to eat breakfast in my shorts drawer.

With all of this warm weather we've been having, I went into my dresser looking for a pair of shorts that might stretch to its limits and fit me right now. I found some shorts. But do you know what else I found in my shorts drawer? Some forks. A spoon. A smattering of Cheerios.

Of course, right? What do you keep under your gym shorts and daisy dukes?

"Oliver, did you put your spoons and forks in my shorts drawer?"
"Why are they in there then?"
"Mya put them there?"

The only problem is that while I found some spoons and forks, we're still missing a lot more. It makes me wonder where else Mya put them.

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