Friday, April 2, 2010

It is loud.

When Oliver woke up this morning without crying, I was happy to get a little bit of reading in before I went to get him. I got out my book and as soon as I finished the first page he yells, "YA DA DA YA DA!"  At first, I thought it was cute. When I went back to reading, it wasn't cute, it was loud. I'm glad he is trying to talk and all, but really..  once he starts he doesn't stop. Makes it hard to talk on the phone, read a book, enjoy a peaceful car ride, etc.

The worst part is that he often tries to talk while I feed him, which results in biting me. With his teeth. It hurts. It is innocent enough, but still hurts.

There are times, though, when I can see that this child could unleash his fury onto the world and make us all suffer. The way he wails on some of his toys while he screams is mildly terrifying. The looks he will shoot you when you displease him are downright malicious. If you set him down next to his cousin the first thing he does is go for the eyes or the hair. All dogs in his life are seriously mistrusting of him because of past hitting/pulling/biting incidents. I get the feeling that this could equate into horrific grocery store tantrums later in life. That scares me.

While I was shopping with my mom, I made a comment about how glad I was to have a boy, because girls are hard work. Another shopper tried to warn me about how destructive boys are, and now I am starting to see it. Toys can not just be touched or looked at. You can't just press on a button to make it play music. The only acceptable ways to interact with toys are a.) hitting them b.) slamming them against the floor or c.) dropping them.  The same goes for people. You do not cuddle the people you like. Instead you will either 1.) pull their hair 2.) poke their eyes out or 3.) bite their faces/any convenient body parts.

I feel like he is going to rip apart my home as soon as he can move, and I don't know what I can do about it.

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