Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Oliver has four teeth now. His second top one just came in as of.... well, I'm not quite certain because I didn't actually notice it until he bit me yesterday and I pried open his mouth to take a look. Now he thinks it is great to grind them together and make the most terrible noise ever. I think getting all of those teeth in has givin' him a bit of a 'tude. You know, because you can't just bust out four teeth without being some kinda badass.

So, with his new attitude he has decided he does not like quite a few things. And if he doesn't like it, why, he will scream at you! Hit you! And he's only 7 months old. Oh, and did I mention he thinks the word "no" is the funniest concept in the world? I sense there will be a need for some strong discipline in this house.

Things he now declares to be the worst things ever to exist in the world:
1. Green veggies.
2. Getting his face or hands washed after a meal.
3. Putting on the second leg of his pants.
4.  Not allowing him to eat the food off of your plate.
5. Pushing the computer out of his reach.
6.  Toys he was loving up until 2 minutes ago.
7.  Our kind neighbor.
8. Being weighed at the doctor.

He never used to scream at these things, but now he does. I'm wondering if he's not some sort of genius, and he has already progressed to "terrible twos" before turning 1. Because... well... sometimes it is seeming pretty terrible up in here. But you'd never guess it from these pictures I took in the park. He has most everyone fooled.

(Also I was trying out different settings on my camera. Can you tell?)

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