Friday, October 22, 2010


Apparently Jared is tired, too.

He stayed up all night last night trying to finish a project for his midterms. After eating a piece of pizza, he passed out on the couch. He's now drooling, half on the couch, half off.

I tried to wake him up to tell him to go to bed, but his eyes didn't open. I was slightly worried he was in a coma or something so I shook him harder - he still didn't wake up. Then I did what any respectable, loving fiance would do... I kicked him a few times.

He said, "Ow." I guess that means he's not dying or anything.

Next I'm going to attempt to literally drag him off the couch, down the hall, to our bed. I don't want him complaining of a crick in his neck tomorrow on my birthday, after all.

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