Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Cool kids.

Jared and I have never really been "cool kids." So, it really shouldn't come as a shock when I tell y'all that we're even less cool now that we're Mommy and Daddy.

Literally the only words I said to Jared this morning before he left for school were:
"Was it a poop?"
"No, just a big ol' pee pee."

And with that I rolled over and went back to sleep. Usually some sort of pop culture reference comes up and that's when we really feel... old, I guess.  The popular song Like A G6 comes on the radio and we always ask, "What's a G6?" We've made a few speculations. I guessed a souped up sports car. Jared wondered if it wasn't some sort of swanky government rank. (It's a cool airplane, apparently.)

Yesterday we saw on satellite radio that one of the songs we like is by MGMT. We both confessed that we didn't know how to pronounce the band's name. (M. G. M. T.? Management? Megmet?) Cool people our age name drop bands like crazy, and my only response to them is to cock my head to the side like a confused puppy. We are so not cool.

And the saddest thing? I used to laugh at my own parents for that kind of stuff. My dad would tell me to go shopping in Hollinger's (Hollister) and pick up juh-eye-rows (gyros) for dinner, and that cracked me up.

People have told me that there would be a moment of revelation in every parent's life in which she realizes she is becoming her own parents. My revelation came to me today, when Jared sent me this secret Facebook message:

"It's em-gee-em-tee. :) "

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