Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Wafer for Your Thoughts.

Sorry about another quick blog post, but I figure short and sweet is better than, well... short and nonexistent?

Oliver had his one year check up yesterday, and he's not having a good time with his shots. He was up all night last night, whimpering nonstop. He was burning hot and the most he would do is lift up a limp hand to point to the Nilla Wafers box we had sitting on the counter.

If all else fails, Nilla Wafers will cure you.

Of course, I had to let him have one. He didn't so much eat it as he just held it in his hand and looked at it. Just the act of having wafer in hand made him feel better.

Earlier today he seemed to be doing well, but now that he's home and he's back in bed he's been clingy and whimpery again. I know he's so tired, but he just won't sleep. His fever is higher tonight than it was during the day. How does that make sense?

I'm hoping that once he finally falls asleep he'll stay out for the night and wake up tomorrow feeling refreshed.

I know this is the least bit evil of me, but it is kind of wonderful to hold him when he wakes up at night. For once in his life he just likes me to hold him. He's  not licking my face or sticking his fingers up my nose - just quietly resting his head on me. Now as I type this, his head is resting on my thigh and he's half sleeping, half twitching and whimpering. In each hand is a whole, untasted Nilla Wafer cookie.

I'm sorry that he feels sick, but it melts my heart to know that he wants me to comfort him.

(Even if that means giving him Nilla Wafers to hold.)

My fingers are crossed that he'll wake up tomorrow feeling like this.

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  1. I often find holding a beer in both hands makes me happy. Of course I usually end up tasting them...