Friday, October 22, 2010


I'm still tired. I tried to take a nap today with Oliver but it wasn't happening. Last night I ate something outside of my recent healthy diet range and it made my tummy hurt. Also, I accidentally ate two of these (really delicious) prunes, multiple pieces of 12 grain toast and a pear. That didn't help matters.

Jared was finally able to come home this evening. Of course, I couldn't talk to him because he went straight to bed. Oliver bit me on the arm when I took away an empty bottle from him. For the last hour I've been trying to set up our wireless router with no success. (Now that I type this, I remember that last year we had to call Linksys and they helped us go around something sneaky Comcast did to try and make us pay for professional install. Sneaky, sneaky Comcast... You are no good to us!)

I was feeling too lazy to make real dinner so I ordered Jared a pizza. I answered the door in a really old shirt with, guess what! Milk stains over my boobs. I don't know how that shirt ended up in my drawer but I think it's time for it to go in the trash.

Tomorrow is my birthday but I'm not really excited about it. I'm never really a festive person, but now that I feel like an oldster I'll probably only get excited if there is either A.) a cookie/ice cream cake or B.) a laser light show.

For some crazy reason I looked into job options today and realized that there is a definite paucity of marketable skills in my bag o' tricks. I don't know why I even looked at jobs because it's not like it would make sense for me to get a job right now anyway. Any job I'd get wouldn't cover the costs of childcare. I could have my parents watch him, but they're far away and I don't want to leave Oliver, anyway.

I'm almost resigned to the fact that I'll transfer to some tech school because getting a four year degree in horticulture sounds pretty pointless. There is nothing I could do with that. I can't even think of a job taht I'd enjoy that requires a schooling degree, so I'll probably just pick something I think I could do well with minimum lifestyle interference and get whatever degree necessary for that. I'm pretty sure I can take a job I'm more or less ambivalent about and still be happy with my life. I'd like to think that I'm pretty good at making the best of things. After all, there would probably be people with which I could commiserate, and there are always the weekends.

Let's play a game. I'll list things that bring me pleasure, and you'll tell me what career path I should choose. Winner gets brownies from my kitchen and the weight on his shoulders of knowing that he's either made or broken my life forever. (Ha! Kidding. I mean, unless you do somehow ruin my life then shame on you.)

Things that make me happy:

1. Typing perfectly without making any mistakes.
2. Bargain shopping.
3. Driving with music on.
4. Watching nature and/or Discovery channels.
5. Crossword puzzles.
6. Watching ridiculous speeders get pulled over by the cops.
7. Organizing other people's cupboards.
8. Various arts and crafts.
9. Acquiring and using new housewares.
10.  Talking to really old people in grocery stores.

Talents I have:
1. I make a good pot pie.
2. I can read and remember things. Usually.
3. I am really good at assembling things and following instructions.
4. My general direction senses are pretty good, and when they aren't I'm excellent with a map. (I even excelled at orienteering. No lies.)
5. I can make a nice fire with a flint.
6. Bring me a stain, I'll get it out. Probably.
7. My graph and chart reading skills are unparalleled.
8. I'm a master problem solving creative thinker.
9. I am a pretty good driver.
10. Flexibility.
11. Taking care of other people.

Things I'm bad at:
1. Killing spiders.
2. Math. And chemistry.
3. Self defense.
4. Waking up early.
5. Fashion.
6. Penmanship.
7. Overreacting. I typically err on the side of underreacting.
8. Acting.
9. Trivial pursuit.
10. Remembering numbers, names, and faces.

So there you go! When you come back, could you please have my life planned out for me?


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