Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Almost forgot to tell y'all about our birthday dinner. We went out to a popular restaurant in uptown to eat guinea pig. They ended up not being able to get our pig through customs from Colombia, so we had to eat normal food.

The good part, though, was that they comped half of our meal for our inconvenience. And I had a drink in a coconut.

Look! It says Happy Birthday to me on my menu! And my coconut!

We ordered fried ice cream for dessert. We didn't expect it to look like this.

Jared and I tried our hardest to get a good photo fo the two of us, but it wasn't happening. We're not very photogenic. Here is just a (very very) small sampling of our failed attempts.

I like this one because it's probably the creepiest picture ever of Jared.

We look this beautiful naturally.

These have made me realize two things. 1.) Jared REALLY needs a haircut and 2.) We should probably have our pictures professionally done. And possibly 3.) It might help if we didn't have any drinks beforehand.

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