Wednesday, August 26, 2009


My to-do list hasn't gotten much shorter, but I did:

-Find a nursing bra. Trust me, its a beaut.
-Launder Babyzilla's clothes and sheets.
-Organize Babyzilla's room.
-Cut glass for the table inlay.
-Receive a vacuum cleaner. (Thanks O&O! It works great!)
-Change the oil in my car.

I still need to:
-Figure out exactly the baby's insurance. I've got a good idea, but I still need more research.
-Set up my internet. I don't know whether I should buy the expensive stuff or try to hold out longer.
-Contact my parent's cable guy. He still hasn't gotten back to me, and I think I lost his number.
-Install the carseat. I TRIED! Honestly, I did. The problem is that the carseat does not fit in my car. Oops. I'll have to find a way to remedy that.
-Start stocking meals in the freezer for when BZ comes.
-Get all of Jared's stupid laundry washed, sorted, and hopefully give away some of it. This is more of a thing that I have to bug him about, than something I have to do. He has TONS of clothes. Most of them happen to be in a big heap on the floor.
-Reorganize the bathroom so that I can put away all of my shampoos, lotions, etc.
-Install the childproof locks.
-Install the curtains and wall stickies.

There is more, but right now those are my priorities. Feel free to do any/all of them for me.

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