Thursday, August 27, 2009

Doctor's Visit today...

With an actual doctor. Not a midwife. I am very glad I chose to go with the midwives. I don't think they're as... panicky.

Yesterday I called in because I had some more than usual weird swelling, and the nurse line just moved my appointment to this morning instead of Friday. I was fine with that. But then... I was with Dr. So-&-So and she got all excited. My blood pressure was higher than mine normally is, but still in the normal range on the charts. The baby's heartrate was a bit lower than his normally is, but also still in the normal range on the charts. And I had a very slight headache, which I am sure was just a coincidence.

That's it. And then crazy Doctor insisted I needed blood tests, another pee test (in case my first one wasn't good enough? I don't know.) and made me another appointment for Monday. Great. Exactly what I need with my insurance problems. My biggest beef is that hse put me on "bed rest" until my visit Monday... I have too much stuff to do! I'm pretty sure my midwife wouldn't have cared half as much about those things. Stupid doctor. How am I supposed to get my house cleaned?

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