Thursday, August 6, 2009

Lucy the dog crushes my legs while I post.

I'm back at my sister's house for a time, so I thought I'd use her internet to update you all on my riveting life. 

My sister was discharged from the hospital yesterday and is doing well. She can't drive yet, though, so I'm going to hang out with her today in hopes that she'll get some stuff done. Josie is doing well - they took out her vent and a lot of the lines that were going into her, so now she is able to start feedings. She can't quite suck/swallow yet, so she's being fed through a tube but its still a big step forward. I got to visit her and touch her on Tuesday. She's super soft and super small. I was kind of scared to touch her, but thinking back on how the nurses handled her I was probably scared for no reason. She is tougher than she looks. Josie is overall in a lot better shape than most of the other babies there, and she looks a lot more human. I was scared that she'd look monkey-ish, but she is pretty cute for how skinny and covered in medical wires, bracelets, baby singlasses etc she is. If Elisa says its okay, I'll try to post a picture of her for you. I think tahts one of Elisa's to-do list items today, anyway.

This morning Jared's phone arrived in the mail so I can relax a bit about getting in touch with him should I need to. I don't have the number quite yet, but for those of you out there who want it feel free to call/email and I'll get it to you.

Tomorrow will be a busy day for me. In the morning I've got a doctor's appointment, and then I hope to get my correct insurance forms to fill out so they don't discontinue my coverage. I went yesterday, but the girl in the office didn't know what I was talking about so I decided I'll go back tomorrow when the regular person will be back. I've yet to figure out what exactly needs to be done for the baby's insurance, much less which insurance policy he is going to be put under. I've always had problems understanding/figuring out insurance so its actually a rather daunting task to me. I'm  just going to power through it and tell myself that the relief I'll feel after getting things figured out will outweigh the suckiness of talking to representatives and being put on hold. Maybe my dad can help me figure  some of it out.

After my appointment and the insurance company visit, I'm going to meet Jared's father & grandparents at the airport. They're flying in for our defunct little shower. I'm glad they're coming to visit because Jared is always glad to see people from back in FL. He was a bit bummed that he couldn't make it home this summer, so its nice when home comes to him. (Plus, you know, I also like them. Most of the time. :) j/k! ) 

Just so that y'all can hound me about getting onto my chores, I'm going to post my to-do list here. Writing things down gives them more power, right? I hope so. If you want to help me out, feel free to pick any task and have at it. I'm not above asking for help!

To Do:

- Figure out whose insurance the baby will go under.
- Find another nursing bra, no matter how hideous it may be and how many I must try on.
- Set up internet.
- See if my parents' cable will work at my place.
- Launder all of Babyzilla's clothes, sheets, etc.
- Install the carseat.
- Start stocking some meals in the freezer.
- Organize Babyzilla's room.
- Reorganize my cupboards/pantry.
- Cut glass for my table insets.
- Buy a vacuum cleaner.
- Change the oil in my car, and wash & vacuum it if its lucky.
- Go to a laundromat to get all of our laundry done and put away.

Thats all I can think of for now, but I know there is more.

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