Saturday, August 15, 2009

Stupid Insurance People.

Well.. insurance people are stupid. I don't raelly have much more to say than that except that I think the person I spoke with last semester was unclear of how their operations work. There isn't anything I can do to fix it until Monday anyway, though, so I'll not worry about it until then.

Other than that.... I haven't gotten really anything done. Its too hot. I'm too lazy/tired. I have boxes to unpack but I don't know where to put the stuff. I get up and move two or three things around and then I am too sweaty and tired and I give up. I feel pretty lame.

The doctor's visit yesterday was pretty boring. She did the strep test but I won't get results of that until my next visit which is Thursday. Also I'm slightly dilated, but that means absolutely nothing so its not anything to get excited about. If it changes at my next visit, then maybe I'll think about getting excited. Maybe. The last thing I want to do is get excited that he is going to come out soon and then have to wait and wait and wait... So I'll still continue to assume he is going to wait until Sept 25th - the last possible day he could come. Then I'll be pleasantly suprised at how comparatively "early" he will come.

Not much going on. Too hot. No A/C. Feel free to call me fi you want to entertain me.

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