Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I may not be in debt after all.

I finally may ahve figured out a solution to all of my insurance problems. Minnesota's medical assistance will most likely come through for me and pay for all of my expenses, but it probably won't come through until after the delivery. This means I might have to foot the bills until then, but I'm not exactly sure. I've got a meeting with a person frmo my hospital on Friday to see how long we can get my bills to be put on hold for. Things will work out somehow, I'm sure of that much, I just don't know the details yet.

That doesn't mean that I'm done with the U, though. They caused me a lot of work and worry so I want to make sure that something gets done to rectify the situation. I'm still meeting with student conflict resolutions just so I can at least get a formal complaint into the system, and then maybe later down the road another girl can be helped out by all of my efforts. I've gone back and forth between a lot of different feelings, and it was a horrible thing to go through. I even had Jared and my family to help me - I can't imagine what it'd be like if I were trying to do this alone. Something has got to change.

At first I was just pissed, because the mistake of one office worker could have potentially cost me thousands and thousands of dollars. It still might. I blamed her for being stupid and leading me astray. I still feel kind of stupid myself for taking her word so easily and assuming that everything would work out so smoothly. I know there was no way I could have known that what she told me was incorrect, but its an easy thing to "what-if."

After getting over being pissed, I started to worry about how we'd be able to pay even though I knew our families would come through to help us... Its just a horrible feeling to feel like you can't afford to get yourself medical care, and it was even worse to think that the baby wouldn't have any coverage either. Just sitting and waiting for every insurance worker to get back to me and being sent from office to office was exhausting... It was incredibly hard to lay my case out in front of everyone and then listen to them all reject me. By virtue of sitting in their offices begging for help, I felt like I was some sort of low class trash or something. I could tell most people that I met with didn't think I was worth their time, and that hurts no matter who you are.

Even after I started finding ways to get financial assistance, I still wasn't happy. I felt like I should ahve been happy and relieved but I wasn't really. I was upset about being on the charity end of Catholic Charities after being on the donating end my whole life. I was even scared about switching doctors and hospitals, even though I knew it shouldn't be a big deal. I'm glad that I'm probably going to be able to stay with my provider, but I'm still pretty bitter that the university did this to me.

BUT anyway... Other news.

I've gotten a lot of work done at the apartment. My friend Jess came to visit me for the shower/brunch and then stayed to help me rearrange things. We've got the baby's room almost all finished, it just needs the curtains hung and the wall decals stickied into place. All of the baby laundry is fianlly done. We got a few boxes unpacked and organized some of the space I was currently using. It actually looks a little worse in smoe areas, but its actually a lot better. My table is actually a table again, because I got the glass panes to lay into it. As soon as I pick up the little odds and ends, throw out the garbage bags, and donate the donatey stuff to Goodwill it will be great.

None of that will be done today, though, because I'm tired. For the last two days my hands and feet have been swollen even from the moment I wake up. After chasing down insurance people and working so hard in the apartment, I am taking a break.

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