Friday, August 21, 2009

Insurance people, guess what? I still think you're stupid.

As you can see, the insurance people really have gotten me nowhere. I'm tired of arguing with people, and its hard to feel good about your negotiation skills when you're asking for a box of tissues, tears dropping onto their fountain pens & paper weights (which may or may not have cost more than my next doctor visit bill). It looks like right now there isn't much I can do... The university insurance policy just looks like it has too many things in place that are going against me right now. In order to get some coverage, I applied for health care from the state but I'm not sure whether or not I will qualify as I may not have been a Minnesota resident for their specified amount of time. My other option is to hope he decides to come out tomorrow... Then my current insurance will end up having to foot the bill anyway! Ha. So.... fingers are crossed that he decides tomorrow is a good day to be born.

Outside of health insurance problems, everything else has been pretty interesting as well. My sister's house was involved in the Minneapolis tornado debacle and her big tree kindly decided to fall on her house (and her neigbor's) and knock out her power.

(I can't but help to mention that although Christa's cable was turned back on today, she only gets one channel. I'm watching it now and its showing "Ruleta de Suerta" aka Wheel of Fortune in spanish. It is much more challenging than its english counterpart.)

My niece Josie got moved from the Children's hospital to teh regular hospital because she is doing well.

I visited my oldest sister in Winona on Wednesday. I had a nice time not sitting around thinking about baby/insurance related things, and I figure that I don't know when I'll get a chance to see her again. Mom & I took her kids school supply shopping and got stuck in the tornado warnings. Target ushered us all into the Men's department to ride out the storm warning. It was pretty ridiculous and I found the whole situation laughable but... Its not like you can disobey the loudspeaker with 3 small children in tow. Because, you know... your'e supposed to do the right thing around children and set good examples... or... something like that. I think? I'll work on figuring that one out. :)

On Sunday I'm going out to brunch with my sister and maybe a couple of others for my pseudo shower. It'll be nice to get out, and it will be even better to eat AS MUCH AS I WANT.

Jared is back at work so I'm kicking around the apartment doing little "chores" so that it seems like I'm doing work without actually doing the important work that I'm dreading. (Like unpacking my last boxes. For some reason that seems like the end of the world chore right now.) Feel free to call or offer me entertainment.

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